Functions and dsp model to model the legislation corrections.


calculate_batteries_phases_delta_energy Calculates the phases delta energy of the batteries [Wh].
calculate_co2_emission_value Calculates the CO2 emission of the cycle [CO2g/km].
calculate_corrected_co2_emission Calculates the corrected CO2 emission of the cycle [CO2g/km].
calculate_fuel_carbon_content Calculates the fuel carbon content as CO2g/g.
calculate_fuel_carbon_content_percentage Calculates the fuel carbon content as %.
calculate_fuel_consumption_value Calculates the fuel consumption of the cycle [l/100km].
calculate_fuel_heating_value Calculates the fuel heating value as kWh/l.
calculate_optimal_efficiency Calculates the optimal efficiency [-] and t.
calculate_phases_co2_emissions Calculates CO2 emission or cumulative CO2 of cycle phases [CO2g/km or CO2g].
calculate_phases_distances Calculates cycle phases distances [km].
calculate_phases_fuel_consumptions Calculates cycle phases fuel consumption [l/100km].
calculate_phases_times Calculates cycle phases times [s].
calculate_phases_willans_factors Calculates the Willans factors for each phase.
calculate_rcb_corrected_co2_emission_value Calculates the CO2 emission value corrected for RCB [CO2g/km].
calculate_rcb_corrected_co2_emission_value_v1 Calculates the CO2 emission value corrected for RCB [CO2g/km].
calculate_rcb_corrected_co2_emission_value_v2 Calculates the CO2 emission value corrected for RCB [CO2g/km].
calculate_speed_distance_corrected_co2_emission_value Calculates the CO2 emission value corrected for speed & distance [CO2g/km].
calculate_theoretical_phases_distances Calculates theoretical cycle phases distances [km].
calculate_willans_factors Calculates the Willans factors.
default_engine_fuel_lower_heating_value Returns the default fuel lower heating value [kJ/kg].
default_fuel_carbon_content Returns the default fuel carbon content [CO2g/g].
default_fuel_density Returns the default fuel density [g/l].
default_kco2_nedc_correction_factor Returns the kco2 NEDC correction factor [CO2g/km/Ah].
default_ki_multiplicative Returns the default ki multiplicative factor [-].
default_speed_distance_correction Returns if speed distance correction is to be applied.
identify_kco2_wltp_correction_factor Identifies the kco2 correction factor [g/Wh].
identify_phases_indices Identifies the indices of the cycle phases [-].
merge_wltp_phases_co2_emission Merges WLTP phases co2 emission.


dsp Models the legislation corrections.