Functions and dsp model to calculate the WLTP theoretical velocities.


calculate_downscale_factor Calculates velocity downscale factor [-].
calculate_max_speed_velocity_ratio Calculates the maximum speed velocity ratio of the gear box [h*RPM/km].
calculate_max_velocity Calculates max vehicle velocity [km/h].
calculate_wltp_class Calculates the WLTP vehicle class.
default_road_loads Returns default road loads.
get_class_data Returns WLTP class data.
get_class_velocities Returns time and velocity profiles according to WLTP class data [s, km/h].
get_dfl Gets default values from wltp base model.
get_downscale_phases Returns downscale phases [s].
wltp_velocities Returns the downscaled velocity profile [km/h].


calculate_class_powers Calculates forces and power acting on the vehicle.
dsp Returns the theoretical velocities of WLTP.