Functions and dsp model to model the alternator status.


calibrate_service_battery_status_model Calibrates the service battery charging status model.
define_service_battery_electric_powers_supply_threshold Identifies the service battery electric powers supply threshold [kW] that define when the the service battery is not charging.
define_service_battery_status_model Defines the service battery charging status model.
identify_service_battery_charging_statuses Identifies service battery charging statuses: Discharge (0), Charging (1), BERS (2), and Initialization(3) [-].
identify_service_battery_charging_statuses_and_initialization_time Identifies the service battery charging statuses [-] and its initialization time delta [s].
identify_service_battery_initialization_time Identifies the alternator initialization time delta [s].
identify_service_battery_starts_windows Identifies the alternator starts windows [-].
identify_service_battery_state_of_charge_balance_and_window Identify the service battery state of charge balance and window [%].




dsp Models the Service Battery Charging Status.