Functions and dsp model to predict the fuel consumptions.


calculate_after_treatment_temperature_threshold Calculates the engine coolant temperature when the after treatment system is warm [°C].
calculate_brake_mean_effective_pressures Calculates engine brake mean effective pressure [bar].
calculate_co2_emissions Calculates instantaneous CO2 emission vector [CO2g/s].
calculate_cumulative_co2_v1 Calculates cumulative CO2 of cycle phases [CO2g].
calculate_cylinder_deactivation_valid_phases Calculates valid activation phases for cylinder deactivation.
calculate_engine_idle_fuel_consumption Calculates fuel consumption at hot idle engine speed [g/s].
calculate_extended_cumulative_co2_emissions Calculates the extended cumulative CO2 of cycle phases [CO2g].
calculate_extended_integration_times Calculates the extended integration times [-].
calculate_extended_phases_co2_emissions Calculates the extended CO2 emission of cycle phases [CO2g/km].
calculate_extended_phases_distances Calculates extended cycle phases distances [km].
calculate_fuel_consumptions Calculates the instantaneous fuel consumption vector [g/s].
calibrate_co2_params Calibrates the CO2 emission model parameters (a2, b2, a, b, c, l, l2, t, trg ).
default_engine_has_exhausted_gas_recirculation Returns the default engine has exhaust gas recirculation value [-].
define_co2_emissions_model Returns CO2 emissions model (see calculate_co2_emissions()).
define_co2_params_calibrated Defines the calibrated co2_params if all co2_params are given.
define_fmep_model Defines the vehicle FMEP model.
define_fuel_map Define fuel consumption map [RPM, kW, g/s].
define_idle_fuel_consumption_model Defines the idle fuel consumption model.
define_initial_co2_emission_model_params_guess Selects initial guess and bounds of co2 emission model params.
define_tau_function Defines tau-function of the extended Willans curve.
fake_identification_co2_emissions Identifies instantaneous CO2 emission vector [CO2g/s].
identify_co2_emissions Identifies instantaneous CO2 emission vector [CO2g/s].
predict_co2_emissions Predicts CO2 instantaneous emissions vector [CO2g/s].




dsp Calculates fuel consumptions.