dsp = thermal

Models the engine thermal behaviour.

thermal’s data
accelerations Acceleration vector [m/s2].
engine_coolant_temperatures Engine coolant temperature vector [°C].
engine_speeds_out Engine speed [RPM].
engine_temperature_derivatives Derivative of the engine temperature [°C/s].
engine_temperature_regression_model Engine temperature regression engine_temperature_regression_model.
engine_thermostat_temperature Engine thermostat temperature [°C].
engine_thermostat_temperature_window Thermostat engine temperature limits [°C].
gear_box_powers_out Gear box power out vector [kW].
idle_engine_speed Engine speed idle median and std [RPM].
initial_engine_temperature Engine initial temperature [°C]
max_engine_coolant_temperature Maximum engine coolant temperature [°C].
on_engine If the engine is on [-].
times Time vector [s].
velocities Velocity [km/h].
thermal’s functions
calculate_engine_temperature_derivatives Calculates the derivative of the engine temperature [°C/s].
calibrate_engine_temperature_regression_model Calibrates an engine temperature regression model to predict engine temperatures.
identify_engine_thermostat_temperature Identifies thermostat engine temperature and its limits [°C].
identify_engine_thermostat_temperature_window Identifies thermostat engine temperature limits [°C].
identify_initial_engine_temperature Identifies initial engine temperature [°C].
identify_max_engine_coolant_temperature Identifies maximum engine coolant temperature [°C].
predict_engine_coolant_temperatures Predicts the engine temperature [°C].