correct_gear_v0(cycle_type, velocity_speed_ratios, mvl, idle_engine_speed, full_load_curve, max_velocity_full_load_correction=inf, plateau_acceleration=inf)[source]

Returns a function to correct the gear predicted according to correct_gear_mvl() and correct_gear_full_load().

  • cycle_type (str) – Cycle type (WLTP or NEDC).
  • velocity_speed_ratios (dict[int | float]) – Constant velocity speed ratios of the gear box [km/(h*RPM)].
  • mvl (MVL) – Matrix velocity limits (upper and lower bound) [km/h].
  • idle_engine_speed ((float, float)) – Engine speed idle median and std [RPM].
  • full_load_curve (function) – Vehicle full load curve.
  • max_velocity_full_load_correction (float) – Maximum velocity to apply the correction due to the full load curve.
  • plateau_acceleration (float) – Maximum acceleration to be at constant velocity [m/s2].

A function to correct the predicted gear.

Return type: