6.4.3. do_datasync

do_datasync(x_label, y_label, ref_xlref, *sync_xlrefs, out_path=None, prefix_cols=False, force=False, sheets_factory=None, no_clone=False, interpolation_method='linear', interpolation_methods=None)[source]
  • x_label (str) – x column label.
  • y_label (str) – y column label.
  • ref_xlref (str) – The xl-ref capturing a table from a workbook-sheet to use as reference. The table must contain x_label, y_label column labels.
  • sync_xlrefs ([str]) – A list of xl-ref capturing tables from workbook-sheets, to be synced in relation to reference. All tables must contain x_label, y_label column labels. Each xlref may omit file or sheet-name parts; in that case, those from the previous xlref(s) are reused.
  • prefix_cols (bool) – Prefix all synced column names with their source sheet-names. If not true, only clashing column-names are prefixed.
  • out_path (str) –

    Output folder or file path to write synchronized results:

    • Non-existent path: taken as the new file-path; fails if intermediate folders do not exist, unless –force.
    • Existent file: fails, unless –force.
    • Existent folder: writes a new file <ref-file>.sync<.ext> in that folder; –force required if that file exists.

    If not true, use folder of the <ref-table>.

  • force (bool) – When true, overwrites excel-file(s) and/or create missing folders.
  • no_clone (bool) – When true, do not clone excel-sheets contained in <ref-table> workbook into output.
  • sheets_factory (xleash.SheetsFactory) – cache of workbook-sheets
  • interpolation_method (str) – Interpolation method.
  • interpolation_methods (dict) – Interpolation methods specified for specific signals.