It contains functions that model the basic mechanics of the wheels.


calculate_r_dynamic Calculates the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
calculate_r_wheels Calculates the radius of the wheels [m] from the tyre dimensions.
calculate_tyre_dimensions Calculates the tyre dimensions from the tyre code.
calculate_wheel_power Calculates the wheel power [kW].
calculate_wheel_powers Calculates power at the wheels [kW].
calculate_wheel_speeds Calculates rotating speed of the wheels [RPM].
calculate_wheel_torques Calculates torque at the wheels [N*m].
default_tyre_code Return one of the most popular tyre code according to the r dynamic.
define_fake_wheels_prediction_model Defines a fake wheels prediction model.
define_tyre_code Returns the tyre code from the tyre dimensions.
define_wheels_prediction_model Defines the wheels prediction model.
identify_r_dynamic Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_r_dynamic_v1 Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_r_dynamic_v2 Identifies the dynamic radius of the wheels [m].
identify_tyre_dynamic_rolling_coefficient Identifies the dynamic rolling coefficient [-].
wheels Defines the wheels model.