6.5.2. plot_model_graphs

plot_model_graphs(model_ids=None, view_in_browser=True, depth=-1, output_folder=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plots the graph of CO2MPAS models.

  • model_ids (list|tuple) –

    List of models to be plotted (e.g., [‘co2mpas.physical.physical’, ‘engine’, …]).


    It it is not specified all models will be plotted.

  • view_in_browser (bool, optional) – Open the rendered directed graph in the DOT language with the sys default opener.
  • output_folder (str) – Output folder.
  • depth (int, optional) – Max level of sub-dispatch plots. If None or negative, no limit.
  • kwargs (dict) – Optional schedula.utils.drw.dsp2dot() keywords.

A list of directed graphs source code in the DOT language.

Return type: