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#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: UTF-8 -*-
# Copyright 2014-2017 European Commission (JRC);
# Licensed under the EUPL (the 'Licence');
# You may not use this work except in compliance with the Licence.
# You may obtain a copy of the Licence at:

It provides the CO2MPAS validation formulas.

import numpy as np
import copy
import schedula as sh
import co2mpas.utils as co2_utl
from . import constants
import functools

[docs]def select_declaration_data(data, diff=None): res = {} for k, v in sh.stack_nested_keys(constants.con_vals.DECLARATION_DATA): if v and sh.are_in_nested_dicts(data, *k): v = sh.get_nested_dicts(data, *k) sh.get_nested_dicts(res, *k, default=co2_utl.ret_v(v)) if diff is not None: diff.clear() diff.update(v[0] for v in sh.stack_nested_keys(data, depth=4)) it = (v[0] for v in sh.stack_nested_keys(res, depth=4)) diff.difference_update(it) return res
[docs]def overwrite_declaration_config_data(data): config = constants.con_vals.DECLARATION_SELECTOR_CONFIG res = sh.combine_nested_dicts(data, depth=3) key = ('config', 'selector', 'all') d = copy.deepcopy(sh.get_nested_dicts(res, *key)) for k, v in sh.stack_nested_keys(config): sh.get_nested_dicts(d, *k, default=co2_utl.ret_v(v)) sh.get_nested_dicts(res, *key[:-1])[key[-1]] = d return res
[docs]def hard_validation(data, usage, stage, cycle, *args): if usage in ('input', 'target'): checks = ( _check_sign_currents, #_check_initial_temperature, _check_acr, _check_ki_factor, _check_prediction_gears_not_mt, _check_lean_burn_tech, _check_vva, _check_scr, _check_has_torque_converter ) for check in checks: c = check(data, usage, stage, cycle, *args) if c: yield c
def _check_sign_currents(data, *args): c = ('battery_currents', 'alternator_currents') try: a = sh.selector(c, data, output_type='list') s = check_sign_currents(*a) if not all(s): s = ' and '.join([k for k, v in zip(c, s) if not v]) msg = "Probably '{}' have the wrong sign!".format(s) return c, msg except KeyError: # `c` is not in `data`. pass def _check_initial_temperature(data, *args): t = ('initial_temperature', 'engine_coolant_temperatures', 'engine_speeds_out', 'idle_engine_speed_median') try: a = sh.selector(t, data, output_type='list') if not check_initial_temperature(*a): msg = "Initial engine temperature outside permissible limits " \ "according to GTR!" return t, msg except KeyError: # `t` is not in `data`. pass
[docs]def check_sign_currents(battery_currents, alternator_currents): """ Checks if battery currents and alternator currents have the right signs. :param battery_currents: Low voltage battery current vector [A]. :type battery_currents: numpy.array :param alternator_currents: Alternator current vector [A]. :type alternator_currents: numpy.array :return: If battery and alternator currents have the right signs. :rtype: (bool, bool) """ b_c, a_c = battery_currents, alternator_currents a = co2_utl.reject_outliers(a_c, med=np.mean)[0] a = a <= constants.con_vals.MAX_VALIDATE_POS_CURR c = np.cov(a_c, b_c)[0][1] if c < 0: x = (a, a) elif c == 0: if any(b_c): x = (co2_utl.reject_outliers(b_c, med=np.mean)[0] <= 0, a) else: x = (True, a) else: x = (not a, a) return x
[docs]def check_initial_temperature( initial_temperature, engine_coolant_temperatures, engine_speeds_out, idle_engine_speed_median): """ Checks if initial temperature is valid according NEDC and WLTP regulations. :param initial_temperature: Engine initial temperature [°C] :type initial_temperature: float :param engine_coolant_temperatures: Engine coolant temperature vector [°C]. :type engine_coolant_temperatures: numpy.array :param engine_speeds_out: Engine speed vector [RPM]. :type engine_speeds_out: numpy.array :param idle_engine_speed_median: Engine speed idle median [RPM]. :type idle_engine_speed_median: float :return: True if data pass the checks. :rtype: bool """ con_vals = constants.con_vals idle = idle_engine_speed_median - con_vals.DELTA_RPM2VALIDATE_TEMP b = engine_speeds_out > idle i = co2_utl.argmax(b) + 1 t = np.mean(engine_coolant_temperatures[:i]) dT = abs(initial_temperature - t) return dT <= con_vals.MAX_VALIDATE_DTEMP and t <= con_vals.MAX_INITIAL_TEMP
def _check_ki_factor(data, *args): s = 'has_periodically_regenerating_systems', 'ki_factor' from ..model.physical.defaults import dfl has_prs = data.get(s[0], dfl.values.has_periodically_regenerating_systems) if data.get(s[1], 1) > 1 and not has_prs: msg = "Please since `ki_factor` is > 1 set " \ "`has_periodically_regenerating_systems = True` or set " \ "`ki_factor = 1`!" return s, msg def _check_acr(data, *args): s = ('active_cylinder_ratios', 'engine_has_cylinder_deactivation') acr = data.get(s[0], (1,)) from ..model.physical.defaults import dfl has_acr = data.get(s[1], dfl.values.engine_has_cylinder_deactivation) if has_acr and len(acr) <= 1: msg = "Please since `engine_has_cylinder_deactivation` is True set " \ "at least two `active_cylinder_ratios` or set False!" return s, msg elif not has_acr and len(acr) > 1: msg = "Please since there are %d `active_cylinder_ratios` set " \ "`engine_has_cylinder_deactivation = True` " \ "or remove the extra ratios!" % len(acr) return s, msg def _check_prediction_gears_not_mt(data, usage, stage, cycle, *args): s = ('gear_box_type', 'gears') gear_box_type = data.get(s[0], 'manual') if stage == 'prediction' and s[1] in data and gear_box_type != 'manual': msg = "`gears` cannot be provided when `gear_box_type` is '%s'." \ " Hence, remove the `gears` or set `gear_box_type` to manual!" return s, msg % gear_box_type @functools.lru_cache(None) def _get_engine_model(outputs): from ..model.physical.engine import engine return engine().shrink_dsp(outputs=outputs) def _check_lean_burn_tech(data, usage, stage, cycle, *args): s = ('has_lean_burn', 'ignition_type') it = _get_engine_model(s[1:]).dispatch(data, outputs=s[1:]).get(s[1], None) from ..model.physical.defaults import dfl has_lb = data.get(s[0], dfl.values.has_lean_burn) if has_lb and it not in ('positive', None): msg = "`has_lean_burn` cannot be enable with `ignition_type = '%s'`." \ "Hence, set `has_lean_burn = False` or " \ "set `ignition_type = 'positive'`!" % it return s, msg def _check_vva(data, usage, stage, cycle, *args): s = ('engine_has_variable_valve_actuation', 'ignition_type') it = _get_engine_model(s[1:]).dispatch(data, outputs=s[1:]).get(s[1], None) from ..model.physical.defaults import dfl has_vva = data.get(s[0], dfl.values.engine_has_variable_valve_actuation) if has_vva and it not in ('positive', None): msg = "`engine_has_variable_valve_actuation` cannot be enable with " \ "`ignition_type = '%s'`." \ "Hence, set `engine_has_variable_valve_actuation = False` or " \ "set `ignition_type = 'positive'`!" % it return s, msg def _check_scr(data, usage, stage, cycle, *args): s = ('has_selective_catalytic_reduction', 'ignition_type') out = _get_engine_model(s[1:]).dispatch(data, outputs=s[1:]) it = out.get(s[1], None) from ..model.physical.defaults import dfl has_scr = data.get(s[0], dfl.values.has_selective_catalytic_reduction) if has_scr and it == 'positive': msg = "`has_selective_catalytic_reduction` cannot be enable with " \ "`ignition_type = '%s'`." \ "Hence, set `has_selective_catalytic_reduction = False` or " \ "set `ignition_type = 'compression'`!" % it return s, msg def _check_has_torque_converter(data, *args): s = ('gear_box_type', 'has_torque_converter') if data.get(s[1], False) and data.get(s[0], '') == 'manual': msg = "`has_torque_converter` cannot be 'True' when " \ "`gear_box_type` is 'manual'." \ "Hence, set `has_torque_converter = False` or " \ "set `gear_box_type != 'manual'`!" return s, msg